Developing shooting fundamentals with your own basketball hoop

In the case of basketball, as with anything, practice makes perfect. There are certain attributes that may help make a basketballer successful, which can’t really be practiced. For example, it won’t hurt if you are 7 foot tall. Additionally if you happen to weigh around 140kgs, such as Shaquille O’Neal, that might not hurt either. However, if you want to one day have the flawless skills of Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, then you will not get these without practise.

This is why having your own basketball hoops is hugely important. Having your own hoop will allow you to perfect what is arguably the most important skill in the game, shooting. There is no doubt that as a young kid, Michael Jordan used to take shot after shot after shot at his own hoop. This required great dedication, but it also meant that in crucial situations he could call on years of practise to land big shots.

Having your own hoop also has one other great advantage, in that you can practise in privacy. You may find that as you try new shots, or even first start trying to shoot with a correct technique, by flourishing the wrist to create backspin, the initial results might not be pretty. This won’t matter though, as you will not have your teammates or other bystanders at the court watching. You simply pick the ball up, and shoot again, and eventually you will get it.

This fear of public failure can be a huge reason that you may develop bad habits or plateau with your skill level, as you will want to constantly go to ‘what works’ when people are watching, instead of pushing yourself to try new techniques which will most likely fail at first. Nowhere is this more evident than a slam dunk. This may not be a technique which you need to perfect, for example if you are a small point or shooting guard who would be more suited to performing layups. More »

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